‘one of the more notable facts about our coastline is that it is sinking at great speed…true of this land for at least a thousand years. In contrast, the opposite coast in Wales is rising, which suggests that all of England is slowly tipping into the sea. Once the eastern coast sinks low enough and the western rises high enough, the entire country will slip gently under water in a flurry of bubbles and formal protests fom the House of Lords. I greatly look forward to this gentle slipping into oblivion and believe it will do our nation no end of good.’

I love this quote from Meg Rosoff’s ‘What I Was’ for two reasons…first I love the pathos and the skill of writing, and second because I often feel like that…
The idea of gently slipping into oblivion in a flurry of bubbles and not much more is so inviting!

Sometimes we need to take time out and relieve the stresses we are under. My notion of slipping underwater is not as pessimistic as it sounds…not usually anyway…I’m not talking about drowning, but I love escaping by swimming and that moment when you launch through the water and surge underwater is wonderful. Nothing else exits for that moment, just you, submerged, and I love it!

Do what you need to, but escape, even if just for a few mere moments…

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