Snail Mail versus email…

Photo by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use without permission)

So which type of post is the best?
Post that comes in the mail and drops through your letter box, or posts that appear on your social network profile?
I’m not sure I can decide…I love receiving letters…ones that land on my doormat. When you see envelopes scattered by your door a smile develops. Sometimes brown envelopes don’t have the same effect, and of course, when you open the said letters and find bills or invoices…the smile can fade just that little bit, but generally, who doesn’t like getting post through their letterbox?
I love buying from online sites, it’s easier than braving the crowds in the High Street, and has the added incentive of waiting patiently for parcels to arrive in the mail. Those little padded bags just popping through the door full of lovely surprises from ebay….just thrill me, it doesn’t take much these days!
So I love getting letters and my Postman is always cheerful!
The variety is good too, parcels, cards, letters, special offers…bills…erm, and junk mail…

So, the alternative…email and social network posting.
I’m a convert to Facebook, the first time my birthday came around after joining Facebook, I was surprised at the prolific birthday messages and they certainly put a smile on my face!
Posts online are quick, funny, short and interesting…and you don’t have to wait, they also hold the surprise element as anyone can post and say whatever they want!
Emails, again quick and easy, if perhaps a little haphazard. People don’t seem to think as much when they write online or in emails…I’m a stickler for spelling and grammer, and struggle sometimes with people’s lack of attention to these such details, especially on Facebook!
I love posting statuses online, and having the ease of writing and posting immediately.
Variety is there too…emails, posts, status updates, letters, notes, attachments, photos…and erm, spam…

But, which is best?
That is something I still cannot decide…

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