Pandora’s Treasures…

I’ve opened Pandora’s box of treasures!

Gorgeous beads to create individual jewellery, I handpicked all the beads for my Christmas gift this year and I love them!
I hasten to add though that I don’t actually have Pandora beads…they cost a small fortune, or at least far more than I can afford, I have a Pandora style leather bracelet to which I added my own chosen beads.
It all came about a few months ago when I began Christmas shopping. I was searching ebay for charms for Bekah’s charm bracelet and ebay was saturated with beads to fit a Pandora bracelet, so I asked Bekah if she’d heard of them. Then we googled Pandora and discovered a whole new world of jewellery!
We spent hours looking at ebay’s vast choice of silver charms and glass beads, and slowly built up a collection. The Postman wondered what was being delivered with regularity in tiny bubble wrap envelopes!
At first I bought a Pandora style necklace for the beads and a black Pandora style bracelet for my spare beads, but I soon realised, that as the wearer, you want to look at them, they’re so pretty, so I transferred the necklace beads to my bracelet. The necklace is even better now as I can choose whichever beads I want to work with my outfit!
I discovered Yummy Beads on ebay:
and loved the quality of the murano glass beads they supply, less than a quarter of Pandora’s price, but just as good if not better. Then I found Lion’s Paw Jewelry:
with the most exquisite glass beads, every one handmade and sold on ebay. More expensive, but gorgeous!
Plenty of other sellers offer prices from £1 a bead or charm, and I found some real beauties.
What I love most though, is the opportunity to create a piece of jewellery that is completely unique. My bracelet is full of beads that have a specific meaning to me…
An aqua bead flecked with gold to represent the beach, a narrow silver charm for Christmas (My favourite time of year), a lime green bead with turquoise foil for swimming, a silver book as I love to read and have written my own novels, peridot green bead to represent a gem found in one of my stories and a silver lizard from the same book, a green bead with white flowers to show jasmine my favourite scent, a silver leaf as I love autumn, red/pink flowers like roses for my mother’s love of gardening, silver paws for my dog Roxy, and cats Raven, Misty and Rusty, a red bead that looks as if it contains arum lilies one of my favourite flowers, silver ‘Love’ charm for Vince, my husband, a lilac/silver/pink triple colour glass bead for my three children, silver ‘family’ bead, brown swirl bead to represent chocolate and profiteroles! a silver snowball bead, an indigo murano glass bead flecked with silver glitter with three zircona jewels encased called ‘Orion’ this bead is for my father who gave me my love of the stars and orion was the first constellation he ever showed me, a silver and gold ‘Dream’ bead because I am a dreamer, a deep purple bead is for ‘integrity’ my strongest value and links to my faith, silver ‘Live Love Laugh’ for my beloved leather jacket and a purple flower bead for bluebells another favourite flower…

and thus I have a piece of jewellery that defines it’s wearer…
my Pandora’s treasures…

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