…Must be talking to an angel…

So let’s be open-minded…do you believe in angels?

I do, but only in the ‘those who have lived and those who are yet to live’ sense…I don’t hold with old fashioned, Valentine style, cherubic babies with wings who adorn our Christmas cards, or the huge-winged, haloed, grave-yard dwelling divas, no matter how much I like the latest ‘Lynx-Fallen Angels’ advert!

I believe in beings who are just beyond our sight, who have either died or are waiting to be born…

I think these are our celestial angels.
Given my beliefs, I had an interesting experience just the other day…
I was scoffing a little at a phone-in on a morning magazine show about guardian angels. I listened with half an ear as I worked, as I don’t believe we have a specific personal guardian angel, (though I do believe we are perhaps surrounded by ancestors and others who watch us,).
Anyway the conversation turned to white feathers…apparently when you see or find a white feather it means that your guardian angel is watching over you…I grinned as I listened and spoke out loud to anyone in any realm who might be listening…
“Hey, angels, here’s one for you then! You need to show me a white feather, come on, it’s all yours..!”
Thus, I threw down the proverbial gauntlet!
I chuckled to myself and carried on with my task, sure that there were no white feathers anywhere close by (the only ones in the house were packed up in my scrapbooking box).
So imagine my surprise when moments later a teeny weeny white feather dropped and landed by my side!

It was truly tiny, just over 1cm, as you can see from the photo… but it fell as if from heaven itself!
I picked it up and my mouth broke into an amused smile. As I examined it I laughed and laughed, I knew exactly where the feather had come from, and I leaned back and picked up a lilac cushion. This cushion is filled with these tiny feathers, I shook it violently and attempted to shake out a feather, but no, nothing left the cushion! I shook my head and gazed about the room. I was impressed, and I told my ghostly visitors so!
Guardian angel? Ancestors with a big sense of humour?
Whichever, they couldn’t have picked a smaller feather to prove a point, or let it waft so delicately to my sceptical side…
Someone in the hereafter (or the herebefore) heard my challenge and thought, “No probs…let’s have a giggle!”
Next time I think I’ll ask them for something bigger!
‘Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit;
for without being seen, they are present with you.’
St Francis De Sales

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