All Together Now…

I love having my photo taken and it’s accompanied me into my adult life…not so much the vanity of photos of me, but photographs of my family.

I’m a perfectionist, so family shoots, taken with a tripod at home, have sometimes been somewhat stressful, but I love documenting our family and growth!

I have many, many family group photos to choose from to document my own family over the years. Check out our latest offerings: Steampunk and Post-Apocalyptic

Now, my Dad was a photographer, and I loved the shots he got of me when I dragged him out to accommodate my teenage posing…but I am surprised that we don’t have many family group photographs from my childhood. Not always easy, I understand, as there were 15 years between youngest and oldest, so to get all four of us together probably wasn’t easy over the years…so I searched to see what I had


This is the earliest I have, Dave, Mark, Jules and I, back in 1983 when Jules was almost 7, Dave was 11, Mark was 22 and I was 12.



Then three years later in 1986, recreating the pose…



And 1989, another three years later and I’m eighteen…


The next time together was for my wedding in 1991



Seven years later Mark came over from Switzerland, I came down from Wales and we all met up back in Brighton1998



Another big gap of thirteen years and we have all just got together again just this month, August 2011
So there we are my siblings and I over the years…
When it comes to complete family pictures it’s the same story…I can only find two with all of us and my parents and a twenty year gap between each photograph…my wedding and this month…


The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.


Families are like fudge – 
mostly sweet with a few nuts…
…and that says it all…

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