Tall, taller, tallest…

How many of you get that patronising pat on the head from your kids as they overtake you in the height stakes?

Bekah shot past me a couple of years ago and I finally had to concede to Dan today. I am now the shortest in my family bar one, little Caitlin…

Now I’m not exceptionally short, I’m 5’5″ and always been happy with it, still am…but my children are all going to be taller than me!

Bekah hopes she’s peaked at 5’9″ and we’re waiting to see if, or maybe when, Dan catches up with Vince and his older sister. Bekah shot up at 15 and 16 and Dan’s following in the same fashion. Caitlin is keen to be taller and her time will come…

Vince was chatting about height recently and discovered an interesting theory…

Apparently…if you take the height of a child when they are two-years-old and double it, you’ll have their eventual grown-up height…

Fascinating…and how could you not check that out? So I dug out the childrens’ records and a tape measure.

I ran my finger down my handwritten height records and noted that Rebekah was 87cm at two-years-old…double that and she should be 174cm. So the tape measure unrolled and guess what, dead on 5’9″.

Quickly we checked Dan, 91cm which meant he should reach 182cm (5′ 11¾”) just short of six foot. 
Caitlin measured 86cm when she was two, so ultimately she should grow to 172cm, one inch less than Bekah at 5’8″. As a result of this Bekah should now have reached her final height…which she would be pleased about, and I can deduce that I should have been 82½cm at two years.

All in all it’s a thought-provoking theory…and one that will prove or disprove itself over time, but sounds like a pretty good guide to me!

        Rebekah 1995                           Daniel 1997                           Caitlin 2002
So these cute little two-year-olds above will all grow-up and tower above their mother!
‘For a tree to become tall it must grow 
tough roots among the rocks.’
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

(Please do not copy or use these photographs)

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