I am ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ with ‘Beneath the Rainbow’…

New parents will understand that feeling when you have to leave your new child for the first time with a…babysitter…the horror of it!
Laughing aside…it’s a scary time, they are the most precious thing you own and you have to leave them in someone else’s care. I’ve felt the same with my book…no, it’s not as precious as my children, but like my offspring…I’ve put hours, weeks, months and years of work in to it and letting go is just as scary as the babysitter knocking on the door!
I imagine it’s like sending your child out into the big wide world to survive on their own…my book is now ‘out there’ available for all and sundry and their opinions…
And that, there, is the scary bit…
What will people think?
You ask those closest to you, as you write, to give their opinions, but if they rave about it, you think they’re raving because they are supposed to…they’re your family and they’re meant to be supportive…so it’s only when the big wide world is allowed its choice of words that you start listening…
So, now I’m listening, with butterflies in my stomach, for the opinions of everyone else…again, you think friends are ‘just being nice’, but when those posts begin coming in from people you don’t know and who don’t know you, you start feeling that maybe, just maybe, it’s okay…that you did something good!

So here we are…I finally feel able to let you know what people think…

Some reviews are from friends, some family, some people I do not know at all…(I’ve protected identities)… but amazingly to me, they have enjoyed the book!
So now, I can ask you all, who haven’t read it…go on, give it a go!
Only £1.71 (great value) from Amazon and Please Remember…you don’t need a Kindle to read my book..you can download a FREE app on my Amazon book page (on the right) and buy the book which will then appear, as if by magic, in your PC, Laptop, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, Smart Phone, etc’s Kindle…Use this link…

‘To me, the greatest pleasure of writing
is not what it’s about, 
but the inner music the words make.’
(Truman Capote)

Let me know if you can see and hear behind the words of 
‘Beneath the Rainbow…

I'd love to hear from you...

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