Roses and Berries…

I knew what I wanted to make, when I thought about my anniversary cake…it was just putting it into practice that concerned me!
Don’t know why I constantly worry about my own ability…it turned out beautifully!

It was always going to be chocolate cake, I wanted to use berries…and when we tried Morrisons’ Strawberry frosting, that was decided too! It was about how to ice the cake…
I searched Google images trying to find what I was looking for, after all it always helps to have something to refer to!

I found lovely pics of all sorts of cakes, but this one stood out…here…

This linked to another blog which offered step-by-step instructions here…

So it was decided, all our dresses had roses on them so roses were perfect…I would have a go at piping frosting and see how it went.
The cake (devils food chocolate cake, you can find recipes anywhere or cheat and buy ‘Betty Crocker’s’) was easy, I made two and placed them side-by-side…then began frosting. Morrisons Frosting comes in 400g tubs…I bought six. I had taken on board that I needed lots! I didn’t realise how much though…covering the cake for a basic coating took two tubs, then when I reached this far…
…I realised that my remaining tubs may not be enough! So there was a quick trip to the supermarket to grab more. I bought the last strawberry tub, was apologised to by staff that they had no more, and bought a few vanilla just in case I’d need to improvise! 
Back home It took all seven tubs, 2800g, to complete the frosting…and allow me to place a few extra roses on top! 
Then I added my berries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants…
I was worried the juices would leach out and ruin the icing, the main reason I did not choose strawberries, (I’d used strawberries before on a chocolate frosted cake, put it in the fridge overnight and the next day strawberry juice glistened across the top of the cake and melted the icing in places). However the fruits I chose were dry and none of them leaked juice!
The only problem with this cake was leaving it in the fridge, everytime I opened the fridge the fragrance of strawberry was so lovely, I was hard pressed not to plunge my finger straight into it! Leaving it in the fridge also meant the icing hardened a little, which stabilised the design.
In the end the whole thing turned out better than I could have imagined!
On the night, it was gorgeous and tasted divine…the sour redcurrants and sweet berries worked wonderfully with the frosting and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake…mission accomplished!

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