Polish Up…

So another go at a bit of Beauty Blogging…following in my daughter’s footsteps: http://bekahcat.blogspot.com/ I hadn’t worn nail polish for years…think right back to early teens, fifteen and spending pocket money on ‘Constance Carroll’ 50p polishes at the local drugstore and ‘Rimmel’…and the colours…think frosty peach, silky pink and pearly lilac…the most adventurous colour was deep ruby red, bought because it looked hot, but not because I’d wear it! ‘Constance Carroll’, which had silver plated plastic lids where the silver chipped off after a few months…and ‘Rimmel’, bought from the now defunct Woolworths. 
So after many years of no polish, Bekah’s enthusiasm for the stuff brought me back…but I soon discovered frosty, pearly pale pink shades were not for me! My, now more mature, hands work better with creme finish. Though I am fond of ‘Rimmel Pro’ 285 ‘White Orchid’, light enough for me to get away with the pearl effect, and ‘MUA’ ‘Shade 10’, gold with a silver shimmer. The colours that work for me are browns, bronzes, golds and neutrals. Red? probably not!
So let’s share my two current favourites:   
‘All About Nails’ 101 ‘Praline’. I found this brand in Tesco just a few weeks ago, £1 a 7ml bottle and just the shade I’d been searching for…

I wore it for my anniversary party, so added nail glitter in a complimentary colour. I applied a base coat of ‘GOSH Vitamin Booster’ then two coats of polish, topped with GOSH once more. I painted on this polish a couple of days before my party, thinking that such a cheap polish would chip and I’d have time to reapply a new polish. To my surprise ‘All About Nails’ lasted two days without any wear through preparation for the party, the party itself and the day after! The third day saw basic tip wear and the fourth saw a couple of chips. I replaced it after five days. These photographs were taken on the third day of wear. I was very impressed, great colour and well lasting!

I really like the ‘GOSH Vitamin Booster’ (10ml bottle which I bought from ebay for £3, after using a fair bit of my daughter’s bottle) though GOSH don’t appear to do it any more. It certainly seems to protect my nails from staining and the polish from chipping.
I only wear polish on and off, as my nails aren’t strong enough for constant wear. They need a regular breather or they get weak and easily broken.
 My second favourite right now is one I found just last week, a new introduction for the ‘MUA’ range ‘Shade 23’ in a camouflage khaki green. I didn’t think I’d suit green, it’s my favourite colour to wear (clothing wise) but I hate all the emerald green or mint green nail varnishes, (and I tried a quick stripe of ‘Me, me, me’ ‘Elegant’ nail gloss whilst in Superdrug too and its pale metallic effect did not suit me at all…despite lusting after it for some time…) so I thought green would be a no, no. I tried a stripe of ‘Shade 23’ beside ‘Elegant’ on my thumb nail and liked it, so for £1 a 6.2ml bottle, I bought it.
For a start when I’d got home from my shopping trip the ‘Elegant’ £4.50 polish sample had chipped off drastically whereas ‘Shade 23’ was still perfect, so I applied the polish to my nails as before, based and topped by Vitamin Booster.

I really liked it, the shade suited my hands and its creme finish was perfect. Again, you always wonder how well a £1 polish will last, but previous experience with ‘MUA’ ‘Shade 10’ encouraged me. The above photos were taken this morning after three days wear and still no chips or even noticeable tip wear. My favourite brand for long lasting has been ‘Rimmel Pro with Lycra’, but these two are really giving it a good run for its money, and at £3.50 cheaper!
So I fully recommend both these budget brands ‘All About Nails’ from ‘Tesco’ and ‘MUA’ (Make Up Academy) at ‘Superdrug’.

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