Button Snowflake…

Well…not long ’til Christmas and this year I wanted to try a few crafts, so here’s the first…
Last year I saw a picture on
of a Button Snowflake Christmas Tree Decoration and I loved it, so this is mine…
You’ll need:
4 lollipop sticks…I tried to find plain, normal size sticks, but could only find coloured, so I painted mine white with acrylics…then I found some oversize craft lollipop sticks and used them for a second snowflake.
Hot Glue gun or strong craft glue.
Ribbon for hanging.
Buttons…of your choice. I found some lovely unusual buttons from my local haberdashery store, from 5p each…
Glue the sticks in a star shape and glue a loop of ribbon at the top to hang the decoration from.
Then comes the fun part…glue on buttons…
I made a larger star with the oversize sticks using blue-hue buttons for a frosty snowflake, and a smaller one using white buttons…
I love this Snowflake…and it’s so easy I’m planning to use a variation of it for an activity at the end of this month with a youth group at our church youth night! 
Go on…have a go…choose your buttons…or add sequins, glitter, whatever you want!

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