The Stars and Our Earth…

I’ve always loved the stars, staring up at the multitude of constellations filling the night sky…

Globular Cluster M15 taken by Hubble Credit Hubble, ESA, NASA

I love standing up at my parent’s house, at the top of the valley overlooking Carmarthen (On a clear day you can see Llanstephan Castle fifteen miles away…) and staring up at the stars. There is so little light pollution up there that you can see a whole arm of the Milky Way sweeping across the sky, millions of twinkling stars…

Yuriearth International Space Station 2003 (Source Wikimedia Commons)

A few years ago we got the children out of bed at midnight and bundled them outside to watch the International Space Station soar overhead… The children were young and it was an out-of-the-ordinary experience for them. Dan, who was about ten-years-old waved, hoping the astronauts would be able to see him!

So this link on Twitter made me smile…
Somehow I don’t think the inhabitants of the ISS saw our wave! 

Have a look at this video of time lapse photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 aboard the International Space Station from August to October 2011… and marvel at the Aurora’s Borealis and Australis… the amazing night view of earth… the lights from our cities that look as if the earth is on fire…and the sheer beauty of the creation that we live on…

Earth at night (Source Wikimedia Commons)

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