Christmas Jar…

Another cheap and cheerful Christmas decoration…the Christmas Jar… It looks great placed on a shelf or as a table centre piece, and dead easy!

Gather together: a glass jar (I chose a ‘Kilner’ jar for about £2), and a variety of decorations, most of mine were from a Wilkinsons box of wreath ornaments (I just cut off the wires). I also gathered bits that had fallen off other decorations, berries, beads, leaves etc…
Fill the jar with all the bits and pieces. Twigs, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, berries, leaves, whatever you want… You can also put scented pot pourri into the pot if you want, and spear the lid with several holes so you can have a scented jar… I kept mine sealed and non-fragranced. 
Add a little bit of fake snow, or you could use glitter or sequins…

 And there you go…a pretty Christmas Jar.

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