Five Sentence Fiction: Enchanted

‘His blue and green scales shimmered, and their flickering colours mesmerized her, a faint sheen of lemon reflected the sky above and Hannah took a subconscious step forward. She instinctively ran her hands over the dragon’s scales and they were smooth, almost velvety, then rough and coarse as she changed direction; she’d imagined his scales to be hard and cold, like the shiny, metallic colours ought to be.
The dragon bent his head and nuzzled her hair, making her jump as his hot breath tickled. His eyes followed as she ran her hand across his flank, like a small child brushing past railings, and he lifted his wing to let her pass beneath.

She gently took his wing and rubbed her cheek against the blue hide, it felt like smooth leather, supple and strong, and as her finger stroked its underside, which looked and felt like shot silk, his wing rippled beneath her touch.’ 

Picture by Lisa Shambrook

(This is an extract from my WIP…with a few alterations for 5SF and my own dragon art. Hope you like it!)

4 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Enchanted

  1. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks Cara, I'm really enjoying 5SF. The pic…ha ha, we like living dangerously! My favourite dog walking spot, it's disused but they want to reopen it now, so won't be any more pics taken on that railway!

  2. Stephanie

    Great fairytale! I love the imagery and the language you use throughout the piece. The last line gave me a comforting feeling – like his wings were protecting her in some way. Nice work!


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