22 Things… Creative Change Challenge

22 Things is a Creative Change Challenge. By signing up, you are announcing to the world – and more importantly yourself – that you are breaking free of the long standing idea that in order to make changes in your life, you have to do BIG things.22 Things is about making a list twenty-two small steps you can take  right now – to change your life. 

This challenge is brought to you by Angie at Write Me Happy and I’m really pleased to be signing up!

So here are my 22 Things…

1. Write every day (find time, even if I’m busy!)
2. Be creative every day (even if it’s only a doodle…)
3. Catch up with my Journal (it’s just as important as blogging!)
4. Sketch (I’ve sketched my two girls, my son is waiting for his picture!)
5. Swim more (I used to swim every week, but an extended period of depression stopped me, get back to it!)
6. Stop saying “Just wait a minute…” when my children want to spend time with me…
7. Read more (I love my Kindle)
8. Scrapbook.
9. Repaint the lounge (Yes, it needs it…)
10. Update Christmas Scrapbooks.
11. Set a time to edit each day, even for only 20 or 30 mins…and stick to it!
12. Take the dog to the beach and feel free!
13. Tidy something in the home every day (I feel better when a shelf or a drawer is sorted, even if it doesn’t last long!)
14. Listen to music more.
15. Make something from my ‘craft’ inspiration board on Pinterest (I pinned them for a reason!)
16. Keep enjoying ‘Hot Chocolate Thursday’ (maybe blog about it!)
17. Storyboard and film ‘Beneath the Rainbow’ trailer…
18. Paint dragons! (you know you want to!)
19. Throw out clutter (that means the clutter in my head too!)
20. Share more of myself…
21. Be positive… (don’t let my demons get me…)
22. Eat more Chocolate (had to finish with something very attainable!)

So, all that’s left is to get to it!

4 thoughts on “22 Things… Creative Change Challenge

  1. catdownunder

    Purrowling in from Downunder – hello – thankyou for visiting me!I like your list – wondering what mine would be and know I would be tempted to end with the last one too!


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