Five Sentence Fiction: Wicked

She sat beneath the camellia, absently rubbing a broad, waxy leaf between finger and thumb. Only the tips of her feet, clad in baby pink Mary Janes, peeped out as heavy drops of rain began to fall echoing the weight in her heart. Bile rose in her throat and a wave of nausea threatened to remind her of breakfast. Her name rang out and she pressed her tiny spine against the thick, shrubby stem desperately biting her hand to prevent the accumulating sobs from noisily escaping – silence was vital. Heavy brogues padded up the garden path, searching, coaxing and impatient…and pink shoes gently withdrew from sight, receding beneath the camellia’s protection. 

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Note: If you need to know what happens…find out in my National Flash Fiction Day piece here…

10 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Wicked

  1. Jo-Anne (jtvancouver)

    Oh dear Lisa – I commented on your story a while ago but it doesn't look like it was posted :(( I wanted you to know I thought it was wonderful! The image of the pink shoes tucking under the camelia is poetic. You did a marvelous job on this!

  2. Ang

    Oh WOW! This just made me so angsty!! My heart is about to burst! Off to read the newest story. Thank the literary gods for that!

  3. lizzie loodles

    Wow; such amazing imagery and description chicken. You've created a tense moment that I find myself holding my breath with her , such is the empathy you have created. xxx


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