Five Sentence Fiction: Armour

She woke with a start, her heart rapidly pounding as adrenalin surged. Her body froze unable to decide whether it should be asleep or awake unable to use any sense except hearing which keenly heard…nothing. Inky darkness prevented her sudden wide eyes from distinguishing anything in the gloomy obscurity of her bedroom, whatever had woken her could be lurking in the shadows, waiting, and her shallow breath became even slighter lest it betray her. Fear fogged her confused, sleep-filled mind, until she could bear the tension no more and closed her eyes tightly whilst yanking the duvet over her head.
Safe once more from whatever it was that skulked within her boudoir, safe…beneath her 10.5 tog defence.

Photograph by Bekah Shambrook

5 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Armour

  1. Angie Richmond

    Fabulous piece! I've actually woken up like that before. It was from a terrible dream that carried over into real life. I was convinced I wasn't safe until the covers were over my head 🙂


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