Forbidden Love – Call of the Dark

This is my entry into the Forbidden Love Blog Hop hosted by LillieRuth and Janelle
These are my star-crossed lovers…

Call of the Dark

She waited as he closed the door, his passion glinting in his eyes. She leaned against the wall, her heart pounding wildly and her soul yearning like she’d never before known.  Her ivory veil rippled in the breeze seeking entry through the open window and he was at her side tenderly cupping her face. Her eyelids fluttered and his breath caught as she bit her lip, not long and everything would be as it should…
Orange blossom and lonely birdsong wafted from below the balcony, sweet fragrance and refrain intoxicating the tower room, and she could barely wait. Leaves rustled from vines clothing the stone walls, and slender tendrils curled over the balustrade as she led him out into the balmy night.
Her tresses, pale as the midnight moon, cascaded and his fingers entwined as his lips finally touched hers.
Trembling she held him close but he pulled away. “You’re so beautiful…” he whispered. His breath rasped as he moved towards her and she caught him within her arms. This time his kiss was full and urgent, and she returned it with mad fervour and she drew him close.
As he buried himself within her embrace she threw back her head and let out a cry. He sprang away in astonishment as she vanished in a flurry of feathers.
“I needed your kiss,” birdsong echoed, “but only in marriage…”
And before his eyes she was gone. She fluttered her ivory wings and sang out, and the answering call came from the forest below. He stared in disbelief as his bride launched away from the balcony and out into the indigo sky…and she danced through the deepening night as her beau, the blackest of all ravens, met her and her enchantment was gone, vanquished beneath the glistening moonlight.
(297 Words)

12 thoughts on “Forbidden Love – Call of the Dark

  1. myvitreoushumour

    Dammit, I was so sucked into the romance of this that I was in denial that there was going to be a sad ending (due to the Forbidden Love aspect). How very dare you play with my emotions like that, Lisa! 😉 Jokey joke… Job well done!Cheers for your kind comments on my effort too

  2. Bullish

    OH, this is pure loveliness! Love the foreshadowing line 'Orange blossom and lonely birdsong" and that closing visual "danced through the deepening night." Beautiful and haunting! Thanks so much for entering the hop, Lisa!! 🙂

  3. lizzie loodles

    This is beautiful. Have been waiting patiently for you to post Lisa and it was well worth it. You language is just gorgeous! I was feeling the desire, the urgency and wondering how it was going to end . . . not disappointing or predictable at all. Did I say I loved it? 😉 xxxx

  4. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks J.A. I've enjoyed looking over your blog too. I loved your date's brother looking after you both with the 'Strength of the Youth' book in your prom post…I could see my daughter doing the same to her brother!

  5. Rakel' Sampson

    Oh Lisa. I think I reread this four times before commenting. Heartbreaking and beautiful too! I was totally sucked in with the romance then you blast me with the twist. So good! I think we need a back story here. Maybe novella length? hmmm. 🙂

  6. Janelle

    Goodness, that was a bit racy at first! *blush* Haha, I got so caught up in it I almost forgot to look for the "forbidden" aspect! The imagery you conjured up here was just gorgeous.


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