Five Sentence Fiction: Faeries

The sky is the same colour as velvet, dark delphiniums, Mum keeps telling me it’s bedtime, but I’m spinning, round and round and round…and I’m never going to bed!
I’m dizzy, really dizzy, dizzy and fizzy, my limbs are tripping over each other and my head is rolling so much my eyes can’t keep up!
I stop and my hands fly out to balance, and I giggle and she’s there…I stare.
I’ve never seen one before; she stares back her eyes as wide as the rising moon behind us and surprise shining like glitter.
She can’t move, I can’t move, our eyes are locked and there’s nothing we can do until Mum calls again and the spell is undone, and I snap my wings together and flit off into the night, leaving the little human girl wondering who I was…

16 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Faeries

  1. Bullish

    I love that you did your own artwork!! And I love love love the twist, because of course I thought that the human was spinning! Wonderful!!

  2. Lisa Shambrook

    I'm loving Five Sentence Fiction right now, some great opportunities to work on my creativity, so this was fun to use my own drawing too. Thank you for all your lovely compliments on my work!


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