Sunshine Award…

The lovely Afsaneh at Dreaming of Stories nominated me for this one…maybe it’ll help bring the sun back after months of rain this Summer…here goes:

You need to include the Logo and a link to who nominated you…
Give 10 things about yourself, nominate and link a further 10 for the award…
So here are 10 slightly obscure (or not) facts about myself:
1. I’m possibly happiest with my feet in the water – paddling along the shoreline, kicking the surf makes me happy. Sand tickling my toes, though I hated sand in my shoes as a kid, absolutely loathed it!
2. West Wales has a realm of glorious sandy beaches to traverse, rain or shine, wellies or barefoot, but I still miss the pebble beaches of Brighton (SE England) where I grew up. I miss the sound of the sea churning the pebbles, throwing stones at cans and hearing that ‘plomp’ when pebbles hit the water!
3. My favourite chocolate is Lindt Creamy Milk, closely followed by Galaxy.
4. I once spent a couple of weeks as a ten-year-old dragging a piece of string around as my invisible dog after watching Murdock do the same on ‘The A-Team’, yes, he was mad…
5. I have a split personality when it comes to making decisions, resulting in me being the most infuriatingly indecisive person I know! 
6. When I was about eight-years-old I got my right index finger crushed in the hinges of an old, red telephone box. I hid in it whilst playing ’44 Save All’ not the best place…two boys obscured my exit and held the heavy door closed on my finger; my almost glass-shattering scream made them let go and I emerged with a much squashed finger! 
7. My favourite childhood books were ‘The Silver Brumby’ books by Elyne Mitchell, I devoured the whole series about Thowra and his offspring, and desperately wanted to be a horse or have one! It was my little sister who ended up owning five horses!
8. I got married at nineteen and we celebrated twenty years together last year, it’s our twenty-first in a few months time!
9. Back to indecisiveness…my best mate Mark took me to a jewellers on my eighteenth and asked them to pierce my ears, I kept putting it off! I love unusual earrings and jewellery!
10. One day when I’m a little old lady living on my own…I want to be a mad, bad, eccentric cat lady!
And ten lovely Bloggers…who bring me sunshine!

6 thoughts on “Sunshine Award…

  1. lizzie loodles

    Lovely 10 facts chick. I too love the sound of the sea running through the pebbles and shingle. often down at Seaford for lovely beach walks. And as for the mad cat lady; I think you have competition on that one,. My Hubby has predicited that for me already! xx

  2. J. A. Bennett

    Ouch on the finger thing! I totally would've had an imaginary dog as a child as well. Congrats on your anniversary! I got married at 19 as well, I'm about to celebrate my 9th anniversary πŸ™‚

  3. Lisa Shambrook

    Ah yes, Lizzie, Seaford…and Rottingdean, one of my favourites, loved the sea crashing over the under-cliff walk! Congrats on 9 years JA, my school friends thought I was rather young! Best thing I ever did!

  4. Victoria

    So fun to learn a bit about you, Lisa. I have the indecisiveness thing going too. I think it comes from being a people-pleaser and not always knowing what I want for moi!

  5. Lisa Shambrook

    Thank you Victoria, I've struggled with the 'people-pleaser' issue for many years and a lack of self-confidence, it took a lot to draw me out and worry less about what people think, but I am so much happier these days! Thanks for commenting.


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