Visual Dare: Distorted

It’s cold; my shoes are wet, stained dark with rain and I can feel the dampness oozing between my toes. I glance up, but the rush of passing people makes my heart hammer and its pounding reverberates in my throat.  Then I see him, walking purposefully towards me and I look away, both fear and anticipation rising. I squeeze my hands wondering why he’d approach an old, lost soul like me. I lower my head watching his advance in the puddle. He stops and places his gentle hand on my shoulder, and smiles.  “C’mon Grandma, time to go home…”
(99 Words)

10 thoughts on “Visual Dare: Distorted

  1. Angela

    O wow. I got this instant image of an elderly lady with alzheimer's, watching a grandson approach whom she did and didn't recognize all at once. Having lived most of my life around elderly people – some with alzheimer's or dementia – this really struck a chord with me.Lovely work. Thanks for participating in another Visual Dare!

  2. Lisa Shambrook

    Aw Laura, thanks! We must have been on similar wavelengths too, if I hadn't done this one I considered the way you went with yours, but your final sentence was better than anything I thought of! :)I'm glad you enjoyed it Sania (liked your old pages too) and JA 🙂

  3. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks Rakel', someone close to me is suffering with short-term memory loss due to medication (not alzheimers as far as we know), though hers doesn't affect her memory of people. so it's feeling quite close to home.

  4. mjshorts

    A beautiful story.I wasn't expecting that ending but it fitted in so well.The fear and loneliness associated with loss of memory came across so well.Thanks for a great read.


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