Blogflash 2012: Day One: Thinking

Photo: Lisa Shambrook

Day One: Thinking

Thinking was dangerous, and outlawed.
Thinking was out of the question.
Thinking, beyond the mundane, dull practicalities, meant losing your mind.
You thought about your task, your function, nothing else mattered to the Caretakers. You certainly didn’t.
Anna had lived seventeen years without thinking…but today, she noticed something. It was just a sliver of light, shining in through the skylight, dust dancing in its ray.
No one heard the chip in her brain implode and the light behind her eyes faded to nothing, but those last moments, those thoughts had been a lifetime to Anna and she faded in serenity.

(100 words)

I will be taking part in Blogflash 2012: 30 Prompts 30 Posts hosted by Terri Long. The challenge is this: Write a 50 – 100 word post for each daily prompt during August (yes, I know August has 31 days, but we get a day off!). The post can be factual or fictional, prose or poetry, anecdotal or otherwise… and if you link back to Terri’s Blogflash page on the badge above you can check out other participants too.

14 thoughts on “Blogflash 2012: Day One: Thinking

  1. Terri Giuliano Long

    I'm also wowed! I'm so glad you're taking part in the challenge. Yes, I wanted people to have 31st off to get ready for any September challenges – by the sounds of things, there are definitely several who will need it!! :)Terri

  2. mjshorts

    Wow. A great story. I loved the repetition of the word 'thinking' seemed to highlight how this was now both outlawed and dangerous.Then the end – explosive, in more ways than one. A sudden death but at the same time a serene one.Thanks for a great read.


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