Blogflash: Day Three: Colour

Photo by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use without permission)
Day Three: Colour
Flood Part One:

“Didn’t God promise Noah he’d never flood the earth again?”
“He meant the entire world.”
“Well I can’t see nothing but blue from where I’m standing.”
The boat rocked gently on the huge millpond of an ocean.
“I think you have to blame the indigenous for this one…and we have to keep looking. There’s land, there’s definitely land.”
“Just not here.”
“So we keep sailing.” Crystal green waves splashed the hull. “And we follow that!”
The vessel altered course to follow the bow and its exquisite scarlet, apricot, saffron, emerald, cobalt, indigo and lavender colours arcing far across the horizon.

(100 Words)

16 thoughts on “Blogflash: Day Three: Colour

  1. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks for the positive response! Hmmmm…I've already got tomorrow's idea covered…but there's no reason I can't pop back to this one at some point or two, or even three, over the next month! I'm rather intrigued myself as to what might happen…


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