Blogflash: Day Ten: Success

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
Day Ten: Success
Flood: Part Six
“No really, I can see something…”
“Where? All I can see is mist…”
“Over there…I told you we needed a dove!”
“A dove dear?”
“To send out and check for land.”
The wind whistled across the stern and the engine’s soft hum groaned, and coughed and spluttered then was gone.
“That’s that then.”
“We knew the fuel wouldn’t last…”
“Then let’s hope that’s land.”
The boat rocked, silently.
“Do we drop anchor or drift? Or lick your finger and stick it in the air?”
“I’m checking the wind…and that is definitely land…I’m positive! Oh for a dove!”
(97 Words)

5 thoughts on “Blogflash: Day Ten: Success

  1. lizzie loodles

    I really do hope it is land; no fuel, no dove . . it has to be. fantastic interaction between the two; very stiff upper lip/British/just get on with attitude . . .but oh for a dove. Excellent. xx


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