Blogflash: Day Sixteen: Different World

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)

Day Sixteen: Different World
Flood Part Twelve

“See it?”
“Yes, I see it, but it’s too choppy to reach…”
“We have to reach it!”
“I know, but how? I don’t want to slip overboard…”
“Is there no way you can reach it, even with the pole? What about the row boat?”
“Too choppy, too rough!”
“But we need it, it’ll contain water and we’re on our last bottle…” Waves slapped the hull and sent stinging spray across the deck. “Life didn’t used to be this difficult!”
“Things aren’t what they used to be…”
And the crate, swathed in parachute silk, floated just out of reach…

(98 Words)

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8 thoughts on “Blogflash: Day Sixteen: Different World

  1. lizzie loodles

    I just love your pictures!I've just noticed you took them. They are wonderful!Can't believe survival package is out of reach! What next for these two? They can't survice on their humour for much longer . . can they? xx

  2. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks for noticing the pictures Lizzie, I'm trying to use only my own photos and pictures from now on! (Oh, and some of my daughter's talented photography…she's taught me everything about Photoshop!)


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