Blogflash: Day Twenty: Sports

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)

Day Twenty: Sports
Flood Part Sixteen

The still cabin air could be sliced by the proverbial knife.
“I’m really mad! I hope you’re happy…no, don’t answer, that wasn’t an actual question. Don’t talk darling, this is my moment you had yours last night. I can’t believe you let off ALL the flares…have you really no idea what you’ve done…no, still not a question.”
“Maybe I just don’t care anymore.”
“Well you should! We had a sporting chance with those flares…you could at least look at me…”
“No, look out the porthole…just look, a buoy! If we can see buoys the water must be receding…”

(98 Words)


8 thoughts on “Blogflash: Day Twenty: Sports

  1. Bullish

    Oh, love this take on the prompt!! Was wondering where you were going to take it – was worried I couldn't fit it into my series either – and love where you went with it!!! Sporting Chance!! 🙂

  2. Lisa Shambrook

    Ha ha Ruth, we're having to be a bit ambiguous with some of these prompts…but it's working!Thank you everyone for sticking with this story…I'm loving writing it, tomorrow will be interesting!

  3. lizzie loodles

    The first real positive day for these two! The waters are finally receding.Shame there's not a flare left to celebrate. . . or is it too soon. Love how their emotions flit/change so quickly just like a normal day arguing about washing up/shopping etc but it isn't normal is it? Brillaint. x


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