Five Sentence Fiction: Night

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)

The streets were bare, not even a fearless cat stalked the highway of fences and walls that stretched across town. Nobody peered through windows but instead hid behind a heavy curtain or beneath a duvet’s shroud.
The moon struggled to shine through the dense cloud and even candles fought to stay alight in the damp, cold gloom.
Night had fallen, days ago, her velvet indigo stretching her blanket across the world and the talk, the wonder, the fascination with the unusual was now gone replaced by quiet fear.
Night’s talons now pinned the earth in its place and she had no intentions of letting go…


11 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Night

  1. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks Andy, I think I missed a couple as caught up with Summer Holidays and children…and doing Blogflash 2012 (a prompt and post a day for 30 days…). Wanted to get back into FSF before I forgot how!

  2. Ang

    This reminds me how I feel about winter time in Alaska. The thought of the sun never showing freaks me out. Even though, I do long for shorter days. Great piece!

  3. Britton Minor

    I found this, rather than dark, satisfying. I love darkness, and should probably have more fears than I do about it. Perhaps I should be more wary…particularly now knowing about the powerful talons. Now I want to know what happens next. What, exactly are they afraid of?


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