Visual Dare: The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple
“So what happens now?” squawked the raven.
“We live…simple…” The cat shrugged. 
“And what about the old lady?” 
The cat sighed deeply. “She’s dead, of course.”
“And the horse, and the cow, and the goat, and the dog?” The raven cawed.
“…and the spider and the fly…all dead.” The cat licked his paw.
“Is it our fault? I mean, the dog would never have caught the spider…that was my job, and it was yours to catch me!”
“What can I say? We failed her.”
“Avoided her, you mean…”
The cat shrugged again. “I blame the fly…” 
(96 Words)

9 thoughts on “Visual Dare: The Odd Couple

  1. Angela

    Okay, so NOW I have the song stuck in my head!!! This is absolutely precious. PRECIOUS I tell you! And it would be just like the cat and the crow to argue about blameshifting while the whole household lays around them dead……so funny. LOVE.


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