Steampunk Christmas Tree Bauble

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook & Instagram 
(If you use these pictures please link back to this post, thank you.)

Still enjoying a writing hiatus and catching up with some crafting ideas… Rather consumed with Steampunk right now, and wanted a steampunk bauble for the Christmas tree, but couldn’t find one, so made my own:

1. Find (or buy) a single Christmas Bauble. Mine was 49p for 3 at my local garden centre. Stick with gold, silver, chrome, brown or neutral colours.

2. Using tweezers and superglue or another strong glue (Glue gun is too messy) add cogs, gears etc. I bought a small packet of old watch mechanisms for a couple of pounds on Ebay.
3. It helps with precision to place the bauble in an egg cup as you work.
4. Add a ribbon to hang it with.
All Photos by Lisa Shambrook 
(If you use these pictures please link back to this post, thank you)

And there you are, a Steampunk Christmas Tree bauble…

9 thoughts on “Steampunk Christmas Tree Bauble

  1. Sarah

    You are multi-talented- I love this idea. I've been making my own crafty creations but have to wait til after Christmas for me to blog about them or the surprise will be lost!And I agree you could easily sell these. A lot of my Christmas decorations are hand made by either me or the boys when they were younger, they bring back special memories every year I get the box out, which is just as it should be! x

  2. Lisa Shambrook

    Thank you everyone! I don't have the patience to market anything I make…I get too impatient to be on with the next project, but thank you for saying they'd be marketable! Sarah, my tree is covered with one offs, and lots that myself and the children have made, I'm all for the home spun decor at Christmas!

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