Visual Dare: Disobey

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #32

It was her self-assured smile that caught me… 
No one had ever caught more than a glimpse before, let alone actually snare me. 
I, the elusive ghost of the night, the wild and dark spirit that troubled those who thought they saw me, those whose fear kept them trapped by their own limits.
It was a small girl, with power unseen and an indomitable belief in her dreams that tamed me.
She ignored every warning and waited in the snow, and when I was more than a shadow she smiled, and when winter’s icing sugar snow revealed me, I followed…
(100 Words)

4 thoughts on “Visual Dare: Disobey

  1. Angela

    AH. Now this one intrigues me — is the girl the ghost? Or the speaker? If a mere child, then how has she managed to tame the sprite? So many deliciously unanswered questions, waiting for more story….there is more, right??!? :)Thanks again for another fabulous Visual Dare!!

  2. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks both of you, I went for more obscure and lyrical with this one! I saw her as a child who believed in herself and her dreams and went for them, rather than those who are scared of their dreams and stay stuck in a rut. I used the horse as the symbolism of that 'fear' that prevents us from chasing our dreams, and she tamed it, she believed in herself! She disobeyed what the world teaches…she really could become anything!


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