16 thoughts on “BCF: Revolution

  1. Snellopy

    A great story, nice and spare with the words so there's no excess verbiage. I love the way you've presented it too, I was toying with that idea too, but the fading of the text really adds to it, especially with the way the story went

  2. mjshorts

    A great story. The fading out of your words with the city in the background – a clever idea and adds a touch more to you already atmospheric words.One of my favourites.

  3. J.M. Blackman

    Beautiful card design and the use of the font color fading in and out of the background was nearly as "insidious" as the tale itself. 🙂 My mind was running trying to figure out how this world got the way it did and what else lived in its depths. Great work, Lisa.

  4. Lisa Shambrook

    He he JM, you caught the spelling mistake! That's something I'm going to have to make sure I fix before I flatten the image next time, but I'm glad you liked the tale and the formatting! 🙂


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