Monday Mixer: To Protect

This is for The Latinum Vault’s Monday Mixer. Write a piece in exactly 150 words using at least three of the prompt words, a place, a thing and an adjective. I’ve decided not to shoehorn all nine words in today, there really was no place for patisserie for example, but I am incorporating six, so could still go for Overachiever!

Photograph and dragon painting by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use)
It was against the backdrop of early morning mist that he stood firm, aware that far off over the horizon battle was on its way.  The rill outside his cave rushed down the hillside into the querulous river, and sunlight’s dancing diamonds on the surface matched the adrenalin surging through his taut muscles. He watched the sunrise and listened intently to the water’s gushing symphony. He dipped his head to drink and felt the water’s intrinsic energy intensify his own. He was on home territory and the bellicose fire dragon would have to fight long and hard.  
He dug his claws into the rock, grinding the stone like a pestle as he waited. He would protect what was his, with his life if necessary, and his mind wandered for a moment, recalling the cherished egg, hidden like a precious marbled cabochon deep within his cavern, beneath his mate’s warm belly. 
(150 Words)

6 thoughts on “Monday Mixer: To Protect

  1. Sarah

    Excellent story Lisa and what a great picture too. Still working on my Monday Mixer – think it might be set in a patisserie and only feature 3 words this week! lol

  2. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks for all the comments, I was really happy to get Winner for this one and I loved Jeff's comment, so I hope you don't mind me posting it here: 'I have long known of Lisa's ability to create some truly entertaining short fiction, but she definitely brought her "A" game to the challenge this week. The goal of any flash fiction piece is to take a tale from beginning to end in a very short number of words. It requires proficiency, skill and significant forethought. In this entry, Lisa has presented a deep, rich story that not only succeeds as a stand-alone project but also presents the potential for it to be merely the premise or backdrop for something much bigger and more involved. Any number of successful books have started from such beginnings. This has that potential.'Some of you may already know of my love for dragons…and I do have a WIP that fits this bill…can't wait to get back to my dragons!


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