Love Bites Blog Hop: Pillow Talk

Photo by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
She watched as he climbed into their bed longing for his hands to run across her body beneath the moonlight, to feel his breath capture hers, yearning to hear bedroom words whispered evocatively, but as he settled he thrust his arms behind his head and began to talk. 
He grumbled, and groaned, and complained from the moment his head hit the pillow to the moment he fell asleep. 
With fury and resentment pumping through her body in response to his perpetual deference, she propped herself up on her elbows and stared at him. She growled through clenched teeth, her fists balling the pillow in her hands and she began some pillow talk of her own.
They lie, their bodies barely touching. The bed sheet crumpled and kicked half to the floor now scarcely draped across their stomachs. The pale moon peeked nervously through the curtains as her eyes roved, taking in the contours of his upper body lit by silvery rays. She watched as he lie beside her, finally still and acquiescent.
She reached across, took his hand in hers and gently stroked it, her soft fingers caressing his knuckles and his rough skin. She eventually lifted the pillow away from his face, and glanced at his expression, calm and serene in the silvered light.
She sighed, it was the quietest he’d ever been at this time of night and she realised despite all his talk, he’d never really offered an opinion on euthanasia…
(244 Words)
Written for the Inklingette’s Love Bites Anti-Valentine Blog Hop 
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21 thoughts on “Love Bites Blog Hop: Pillow Talk

  1. Miranda Kate

    OMG, you gripped me so much with the ending of the second paragraph, I had to rush on to see what she did! Nice one. And I love that last sentence, made me giggle! Really nice piece.

  2. Anmelia

    Sharp intake of breath reminds me of a final line from a poem 'and the riddance she held there was a good one.' Beautifully written I could see it all so clearly.

  3. lizzie loodles

    Wow! That really was such a surprise. The title alone gets me thinking of Doris Day and Rock Hudson but there is not an ounce of soppy love here. A shocker of an ending with a witty last line that you can't help but smile. You have a wicked streak in you Lisa and I love it. xxxx

  4. Diane J. Reed

    Amazing! I love this sentence, "The pale moon peeked nervously through the curtains as her eyes roved, taking in the contours of his upper body lit by silvery rays." So evocative, and it was at this moment that I shuddered and realized what was transpiring. Beautifully done : )

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