My most favourite flowers ever are Bluebells…very evident from my Blog banner picture…they take me back to childhood walks in woods with my family, beautiful bouquets gathered through the railings from railway banks where I lived as a child, and inspiration for my book ‘Beneath The Rainbow’. So a walk in a bluebell wood is heaven! 
I thought I’d share a few photographs from today. Beautiful sunshine, gorgeous bluebells and a lovely Sunday afternoon dog walk in Greencastle Woods, Carmarthen.
Photo by Lisa Shambrook Flickr
Photo By Lisa Shambrook
Photo by Lisa Shambrook
Photo by Lisa Shambrook
Photo by Lisa Shambrook with Instagram

8 thoughts on “Bluebells…

  1. JO

    These are lovely. The bluebells in West Woods – near Savernake, in Wiltshire – are so prolific the local Rotary use them as an annual fund-raising effort, charging people – on just 2 weekends a year – to go and see them. And isn't it wonderful how they can smell of nothing when there is just one, but the scent knocks you off your feet when there's a host of them.

  2. Kern Windwraith

    I'm all explode-y with envy, but happy for you and delighted that you you're sharing the visual evidence of your lovely day. Bluebells are such magical little flowers, and having a whole wood's worth must be wonderful.Your dog is pretty spiffy too. 🙂


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