Visual Dare: Precarious

A thin line runs between safety and peril, a narrow path between hitting the right or the wrong note.
Sadie’s thumb throbbed as she stubbed it whilst closing the kitchen cupboard. She took a moment and cocooned it in her hand, clasped to her heart then she continued serving up dinner.
Sadie’s thumb rubbed up and down her arm as she held her arms across her chest, and watched Alec eat. Her eyes followed every mouthful and she studied his hands as he gripped his knife and fork.
Sadie’s thumb moved lightly across her lips as he pushed his plate away and leaned back in his chair. He smiled, and she scooped up his plate and hurried to the kitchen.
Sadie’s thumb tapped nervously on the edge of the sink as she rested for a moment, relief flooding her tension. Today she is safe.

(144 Words)

Written for Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare Week 25: Precarious.
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18 thoughts on “Visual Dare: Precarious

  1. Jo-Anne Teal

    Yours is beautiful writing, Lisa. The woman's apprehension is palpable as she watches her son. The little 'tell', her nervous habit of moving her thumb, is perfectly drawn.Your portrayals are always so insightful.

  2. Angela Goff

    Wow. The mounting tension in this one is gorgeous. Without overtly indicating abuse or enslavement, or any other vice, you've built up the palpable supsense that Sadie's safety is riding on that well cooked meal. Well done!!!


    I love when the heart of a piece is what's not written . . . when the description of one little scene tells a much larger story . . . You did that so well here. Heartbreaking but fabulously written piece!


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