Five Sentence Fiction: Blades

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook and Instagram (Please do not use without permission)
His hands began to smart as bitter cold bit into his skin, but he remained sat upon the frozen log, his legs jiggling to keep warm. He tugged his hat down over his red ears and breathed out, jittery breaths, feeling the warmth creeping slowly back through his woollen gloves, reviving his fingers.
He stared out across the ice, watching her feet slice and glide, his wonder evident as he watched her dance on knives.  
He shivered and stamped his feet, trying to keep life in his extremities for just a little longer and she smiled at him, her cheeks rosy and her eyes twinkling like frost. Heat flooded his body like red hot blades searing his prickling skin, and he knew he’d sit out in minus whatever just to be near her…just as long as she smiled.

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14 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Blades

  1. Jayne Martin

    We were on the same wave length this week! I'm reminded of the song lyric that goes, "He's got his love to keep him warm," though I can't for the life of me recall where it comes from. Very romantic piece, Lisa. 🙂

  2. K R Smith

    Tell me… do us men have the same effect on you women, or does your temperature only go up when we do something stupid?Perhaps you shouldn't answer that…I've known a few girls that had that effect on me. Nice story!

  3. andyswordsandpictures

    Lisa– It's been a while. So glad to to see your post listed. A lovely and unique prompt on the word blades. I could think of only grass and knife blades but the blades of skates was inspired. And it was nice to get a refreshing blast of minus degree weather as the mercury expands beyond the 90 degree (Fahrenheit) mark…


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