Fall Flash Festival: Autumn Flame

This is for Eric Martell and Daniel Swensen‘s Fall Flash Festival…Autumn is and forever will be my most favourite season! Click here to join in the fun!

Autumn Flame © Lisa Shambrook (with pixlromatic)

Autumn Flame

Heat seared, sizzling across parched earth, and the cloudless sky, a hothouse dome, desiccated leaves and flora. Listless and languid, folk wandered aimlessly, unable to bear the sultry oppression and Summer’s impasse.Her eyes darted from house to house; windows wide, porch doors open, and dogs sleeping with lolling tongues and trails of slobber. Inside, people rested hot and sticky, irascible and ornery. Her brow furrowed and she stared across the yellowed hills. Autumn was late.As the sirocco tickled her frazzled mind she swept her jade skirts high up into the hills and sought out a crevice, a deep, dark crevice. She gathered her volumes of green about her and traipsed inside. The welcome cool whispered and the ground sighed with each step she took, until she paused and stared at the vast lump curled up before her.

She prodded the lump.

Light mist rose in the shadows and she spoke, “Wake up!”


This is a preview to the story that can be found within A Symphony of Dragons. It has become one part of my symphony, a composition, of A Symphony of Seasons… You can find this enchanting book of short stories in many outlets in both paperback and eBook or at my publisher BHC Press.

Autumn Flame won the Honourable Mention in the Fall Flash Festival.


Read previews to Spring’s and Winter’s tales: Spring Symphony and Winter Hope.

19 thoughts on “Fall Flash Festival: Autumn Flame

  1. marissaames.com

    You always put so much imagery in your work. I should take lessons! My favorite line is "Spring wafts in on Winter’s wings, bringing rebirth and life, dew on grass, buds that unfurl and a breeze that revives."

  2. Lizzie Koch

    I feel my comments are rather repetitive now but I have to say it. . . wow!!! I love the rhythm and flow of the story, the beautiful idea of the seasoned dragons, such lyrical language. And like Missy, I feel I could and should learn from your work. It's amazing! xxx

  3. Rowanwolf

    Your dragon tales are so beautiful and this one no less than the rest. I love the imagery and the story. After all, autumn is arguably my very favorite of seasons! A lovely read for a Thursday morning! Thank you

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