Review Heaven and NaNoWriMo

‘Beneath the Rainbow’ has been officially available now for almost a month, and I’ve had some wonderful feedback. This latest review, from a reader I don’t know, moved me immensely, being compared to Virginia Woolf and ‘Mrs Dalloway’ was a real privilege.  These are the things that keep me going… I know we indie writers don’t make much through sales, but when someone really loves the book, it makes it all worthwhile!
If you read an indie book and enjoy it, please take a moment to write a short review, it’s what keeps us going! Amazon and Goodreads are the perfect places! 
Last November 2012 I launched into a brand new experience called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)…and I wrote my first draft of the book that follows ‘Beneath the Rainbow’. (Some snippets even got posted here under ‘Beneath the Old Oak’). Well, November is here once more, and I’m throwing myself into the third title with vigour! 
So, I shall be working hard writing over the next thirty days…join me here at NaNo if you want! 
I will be writing ‘Beneath the Stormy Sky’, and I hope to share some snippets as I go.
Now I’m excited!
Here’s my blurb:
‘What happens when you feel like you’re the ghost of your dead sister? A sister you no longer remember? What happens when you remind your mother that you have what your sister never will…life?

Jasmine was only ten when she realised her mother would never get over losing her firstborn. Jasmine watched her mother wade into icy water, ankle deep in the ocean, searching for an elusive rainbow. Despite the distance, from her perch on the wooden bench Jasmine thought she could see her mother’s tears, hear her quick, jerking breath and her echoing sobs. Then she realised her own hunched shoulders trembled, her cheeks were wet and the sobs were her own.

Now fifteen, Jasmine refuses to be Freya, and fights to become her own person. Her mother must stop chasing rainbows and discover what she already has.’

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