Monday Mixer: Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

Her eyes wandered to the ornate gilded door and back again. A crack of pure white light ran down its edge and beneath the door. She licked her lips swallowing the fingers of fear that curled within her stomach. The second door stood darkly guarded by the thin, weasel-faced man, but no one stood by the far shaft of light.
“So, what’s your judgment?” She kept her voice as calm as possible, any fluctuation might arise suspicion.
The man in front of her cleared his throat gazing through steely grey eyes. She struggled to keep her eyes fixed on his so direct was his stare. He tilted his head, and ran fingers through his thick greying beard.
She broke her gaze and glanced round at the weasel, trying to ignore his supercilious sneer.
“I think…” began the man before her, softening as his mouth turned up at the corners.
She turned back and met his searching stare. Her muscles tensed and under scrutiny her jawline flickered. Just a tiny tic, but it was enough of a betrayal.
The bearded man slammed his gavel. “An inveterate liar…she’s all yours!”
As his new ward swore, Lucifer grinned and bowed low. “Thanks Peter!”


Rusted Door by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use without permission)

0. Monday Mixer

Written for Monday Mixer over at Jeff’s Latinum Vault. A challenge which requires only 200 words, no more no less, and the use of three or more word prompts, a noun, a verb and an adjective.
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4 thoughts on “Monday Mixer: Heaven Sent

  1. Rebecca

    I read this first thing this morning and have to say I love your writing. I’ve been out of the blogsphere for quite awhile and so I’m reacquainting myself again with old friends and new blogs. I did not know about the Monday Mixer and actually found it very interesting. One of the better prompt writing sites because it really challenges you to a word limit and usage of $10 words! LOL! As a newbie to that site, I submitted my first today. Thanks for the linkage and I will surely be one of your loyal readers.


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