Five Sentence Fiction: Freedom

437. Tintagel Instagram April 2014

Tintagel, Cornwall, but think Greek islands for this FSF piece! © Lisa Shambrook

John, a remnant of a time long past, was weary.
Two thousand years witnessing the horrors of humanity made the solitude of Patmos still more desirable. Sometimes the good, the small miracles, outweighed the greed and the violence, quashed his sorrow, but more often he would not to tarry any longer. He travailed through his revelation, his feet sore and his heart grave.
Now, caught within this modern world, the grief of freedom, immortality, hung heavy around his neck, like the chains of bondage as he waited, patiently, for peace.

000. NewFSFBadge Bekahcat June 2012

Back after another hiatus and writing again for Five Sentence Fiction, prompt word: Freedom over at Lillie McFerrin Writes. Take a look at the other great stories.

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