Ten Things I Discovered Beneath…with Read Write Muse

I was invited by LaDonna Cole to offer up a Top Ten and the theme really made me think…so pop over to Read Write Muse and discover what lies beneath…

Read Write Muse

What have you discovered underneath or beneath? Let me know your stories too…

Inspired by my new release ‘Beneath the Old Oak’ available at Amazonfind out what Meg discovers beneath her beloved oak…

This is what LaDonna thought of ‘Beneath the Old Oak’:

‘A lightning bolt of a story that burns from the inside out.

Maneuvering through early teen years is difficult at best. Add a mother with mental illness, a family history riddled with mystery, and an ancient oak eager to share its secrets, and you have a beautifully poignant tale. Meg doesn’t know why her mother seems broken, but increasingly frightening incidents culminate in her sudden disappearance. Left to negotiate through grief and loss and the fear that she is also broken, Meg turns to her only stalwart friend, the ancient oak tree, guardian of the neighborhood’s best and worst moments. Journey with Meg through the sorrow and agony of a parent’s mental illness to discover a hidden path to healing her own bruised heart.

Beneath the Old Oak delves deeply into the helplessness of a family torn apart by depression, leaving hope scattered like fallen leaves.’

LaDonna Cole RN, BS, CAR Therapist and Author of Heartwork Village, Grief Recovery Curriculum.


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