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I’m featured today on The Story Reading Ape’s fabulous blog!

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Lisa-Shambrook-Author-Photo-206kb-the-last-krystallosEssentially I’m a writer and dreamer who loves dragons… Dragons are peppered across my flash fiction with dangerous regularity… see HERE… yes, I warned you! But despite my love of these fabled, glorious creatures, they haven’t made it into a published novel – yet. They are waiting in the wings though – see what I did there?

On a more serious note, because that’s what I am, a dreamer who probably takes herself much too seriously, my words will touch your soul.

My words began when I was old enough to hold a pencil. I etched out ideas in both sketch and word and elaborated with both forms. I was the proverbial child who lived within a dream and didn’t want to slide back into reality. I was the quiet one who drew spirals and stars where equations should be, and lost track of time in English and Art.

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