Trentham Gardens – Beauty and Creativity: Nature unbound…

I seek out both beauty and nature, and it soothes my soul
when I discover a place where they exist hand-in-hand –
Trentham Gardens is such a place.

trentham gardens farie sculptures, robin wight, amy wight, dandelions,Just a couple of weeks ago a Facebook friend, Julia, shared a photograph of Dandelion sculptures and when it came up on my newsfeed they made me draw my breath. I had no idea where they were, but I searched for Trentham Gardens and discovered that they were close to Stoke…and I was heading up to Preston soon. I knew I wanted to see these installations first hand and nothing was going to stop me seeking out the beauty and creativity of these lovely gardens.

trentham gardens,

Trentham Gardens © Lisa Shambrook

My husband and I braved the motorways, which seemed to be nonstop jams, and spent a revitalising afternoon at the Trentham Estate.

Trentham has a recorded history from 1086, receiving a mention in the Domesday book through to current times with a fascinating history, and the gardens feature greatly, including landscape design from the famous Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. This place is indeed a site of nature unbound and nature contained…my favourite being the unbound kind of nature!

You can shop and eat in the shopping village with free parking, and the garden’s entry price is found here. Once inside the magnificent landscape, with children’s play area, formal and informal gardens, the lake and woodland walks, intense beauty is right at your fingertips.

…and…there are fairies at Trentham…

© Lisa Shambrook

© Lisa Shambrook

Many fairies, fourteen, I think, live within Trentham’s bounds…and your aim is to find each of them. They were created from galvanised and stainless steel wire by sculptor Robin Wight (Facebook Page), and his daughter Amy Wight recently created the huge dandelions in the wildflower meadow.

Fairies at Trentham Gardens by Robin Wight © Lisa Shambrook

Fairies at Trentham Gardens by Robin Wight © Lisa Shambrook

These dandelions stand fifteen feet tall and make you feel like a fairy yourself as you stand at their feet and gaze up at the wishes blowing out across the blue sky…

Make your own wish, and see if the fairies help them come true!

dandelions at Trentham Gardens by Amy Wight,

Dandelions at Trentham Gardens by Amy Wight © Lisa Shambrook

I was amazed at the sheer beauty and craftsmanship. The dandelions stretch high and shimmer as the sun dances upon them and Trentham loves you to share your photos #TrenthamGardens on Twitter and Instagram…


Sculptures at Trentham Gardens © Lisa Shambrook

Each fairy, an exquisite piece of art, invites you to believe in fairytales and dreams and you’ll be searching high and low to find them. Fairies aren’t the only art installations either; search for the otters, stag beetles, deer and birds among other sculpted creatures and delights.

trentham gardens,

Trentham Gardens in Autumn…note the dandelions in the centre of the photo… © Lisa Shambrook

I adored Trentham, especially in autumn, there’s no comparison for me. Autumn brings gold, russet and red tones, and a carpet of leaves to crunch and rustle through. The woodland walk and lake is magical; you’ll see herons and swans, and hear the birds twittering above you. The old mansion is a romantic ruin, but you’ll imagine courting couples wandering through the historical gardens, and maybe lovers catching a kiss beneath the arches and trees…

Discover the fairies at Trentham © Lisa Shambrook

Discover the fairies at Trentham and check out the size comparison! © Lisa Shambrook

Take a walk yourself and bathe yourself in history and beauty…
and nature unbound…and let the fairies guide you!

spring fairy, trentham dsandelions, amy wight, robin wight,

Spring Fairy at Trentham Dandelions © Lisa Shambrook

Wishes do come true…

Nature Unbound © Lisa Shambrook, trentham gardens,

Nature Unbound © Lisa Shambrook

11 thoughts on “Trentham Gardens – Beauty and Creativity: Nature unbound…

  1. Deborah Frings

    What a wonderful review. Your photos are just lovely. You’ve made me very homesick for England. And when we do get back to the UK, we’ll certainly be visiting Trentham. Thank you.

      1. stephanie Provoost

        super review idd!! Just a question, are the fairies there every day (all year round) or is it only a short exposition @ Trentham…? THX & greetz!! Stephanie

      2. Lisa Shambrook Post author

        Hi Stephanie, as far as I know it’s a long term thing…
        They are really responsive on social media: Facebook and Twitter so you could ask and they’d tell you 🙂 They’ve replied to my tweets and FB really fast!
        The link to their website is in my header…
        When I looked there’s nothing to say they’re a short term installation, I wondered that about the dandelions, but the fairies look like they’re there to stay! The only note on their website is that for the next six weeks half the fairy walk is closed due to woodland maintenance.

        Thanks for taking a look at my post, hope that helps x

  2. Sylva Fae

    I discovered these sculptures about a year ago, we have one in an RSPB nature reserve close by. I followed the Facebook page and regularly share pictures of these beautiful fairies. I haven’t yet made it to see the Trentham fairies in person but I’ve seen many pictures of them. These are probably the most photographed fairies in the collection but yours are by far the most beautiful photographs I’ve seen. I’ve wanted to go see them since I read the first article that went viral and brought Robin Wight his fame. You’ve convinced me, I have to go. I will go! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day out.

    1. Lisa Shambrook Post author

      You must definitely go, Sylva, you’ll love searching them all out and enjoying the gorgeous gardens and woodlands!
      I had no idea about them til the other week, so very grateful to have found them x

  3. Julia Lund

    Reblogged this on Julia Lund and commented:
    Lisa has shared some wonderful photographs of Trentham Gardens on her blog. I went there for the first time last week and would recommend them. The fairies were definitely the highlight for me, but the gardens as a whole are magical.


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