Listen to your Moments of Silence…

Silence sings to me – it always has.
I’m a loner and I’m comfortable with silence.

Listen to your moments of silence
Noise, too much noise, fills this world and I often have to escape, which fits with my being a runner. I like the absence of noise and sometimes I need to escape to it.

A friend recently spoke of silence and asked are we human doings or human beings? I love this and it immediately resonates. We get too caught up in the doing that we forget to just be. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be..? When did you sit and listen, or watch, or just be?


© Lisa Shambrook

It’s no coincidence (well, it might be) that SILENT and LISTEN are spelled with the same letters…think about it, take a moment…


© Lisa Shambrook

When was the last time you listened to the rain pattering gently on the roof (probably not long ago if you’re in the UK…)? When did you last hear birdsong or soft wind whispering through the trees?

Ram Dass said The quieter you become, the more you can hear. I intrinsically liken this to nature, but think of the times we don’t notice another’s feelings, or their troubles, or even their joys, because we’re not listening.

We miss out if we’re too busy to take time out.


© Lisa Shambrook

Silence fits me. I like to write in silence, I like to sit by the ocean and watch a sunset or listen to the waves. I like to walk in the woods and hear the soft sounds of nature caress my senses.

Silence is a great source of strength – Lao Tzu. This quote speaks volumes, quietly, of course, both in being able to listen, to take time out and to curb our responses.


© Lisa Shambrook

Stephen Hawking said Quiet people have the loudest minds and I agree, my mind takes strength from silence and uses it to embrace me. My creativity, my writing, my soul needs quiet to allow the chaos within to still. But even when I’m quiet, even when I’m still: When I am silent I have thunder hidden inside – Rumi, thunder and lightning and beautiful chaos write their stories in my imagination and fill my mind with wonder.


© Lisa Shambrook

Moments of silence, of reflection, of contemplation and pondering allow my mind to muse and grow. I like to cultivate and embrace my moments of silence. How do you like yours?


© Lisa Shambrook

Take time to just be…
just be and breathe in the glorious wealth of nature, solitude and peace.

Just be…


11 thoughts on “Listen to your Moments of Silence…

  1. adeleulnais

    i love this post thank you and i totally agree. People rush about their lives, usually with a mobile phone stuck to their ear, no one stops to listen anymore, listen with the quietness of their own hearts.

    1. Lisa Shambrook Post author

      You’re very right, Miranda, sometimes I have to take time to actively listen, whether it be to those around me, myself, or just nature…but I always come out better! 🙂

  2. Amanda Makepeace

    I’ve always thought that far too many people don’t spend enough time just being–listening and observing. It’s been who I am my entire life and on more than one occasion my silence and reserved nature has been confused for disinterest and snobbery. LOL

    1. Lisa Shambrook Post author

      Oh, you’ve hit the nail on the head, Amanda! I recall a teacher writing in my school report when I was fifteen that I was aloof and disinterested. I was devastated, and I took it to mean uninteresting too. It hurt. I was painfully shy and reserved which meant (and still does to a degree) that I didn’t generally speak until I was sure I was: a) liked, b) wanted, c) felt like my words would contribute something positive, and d) when I was sure I wouldn’t stutter.
      I love being contemplative and quiet, but can make enough noise when I want to!
      I love taking time out to just be…and experience everything going on around me…


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