Book Spine Poetry

Today, I discovered #BookSpinePoetry for the first time courtesy of The Conclave of Sappho…and decided to give it a try. I not only had fun perusing my bookcases and shelves, but I rediscovered old books, new books, borrowed books, books I’d forgotten about and books I can’t wait to read or re-read!

My first go gave me this:

book spine poetry, the last krystallos,

The fearless fire-eaters looking for Alaska,
Stand a little taller across the wall…

(Emma Pass, David Almond, John Green, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Garth Nix)

book spine poetry, the last krystallos,

What I was, impossible stardust, 
How I live now, beneath the distant star,
Falling, before I die…

(Meg Rosoff, Nancy Werlin, Neil Gaiman, Meg Rosoff,
Lisa Shambrook, Sharon Dogar, Jenny Downham)

book spine poetry, the last krystallos,

After the first death, 
If I stay, 
Linger, forever…

(Robert Cormier, Gayle Forman, Maggie Stiefvater, Judy Blume)

book spine poetry, the last krystallos,

I capture the castle beneath the rainbow,
under the greenwood tree, across the wall,
through the looking glass, when no one was looking…

(Dodie Smith, Lisa Shambrook, Thomas Hardy, Garth Nix, C.S. Lewis, Rosemary Wells)

What’s on your bookshelf and what poetry can you make? 

Pop over to Millie’s blog post on The Conclave of Sappho
and check out her beautiful bookspine poem 

and then have a go yourself! 

Feel free to share your poems in the comments below…
(I want to know what’s on your bookshelf too!)


25 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry

  1. Kim

    Reblogged this on gardenlilie and commented:
    I found this cute little post and thought of the national poetry month. Then I found another author and her site is so put together. I’m jealous. Very nice blog you have Lisa Shambrook. I followed. Maybe now I should put some books together and do Haiku!

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  3. Phillip T Stephens

    The question is, do you compose them in the order they’re shelved? So I would have my anal Michael Moorcock titling poem: Behold the Man/Mother London/The War Among the Angels/Fabulous Harbours/Blood (Blech) Or do I cheat and throw them together to create the poem (Lost Histories/Sailing to Utopia/Sparks of Genius/Dancers at the End of Time)?

    1. Lisa Shambrook Post author

      For me, Philip, definitely the second option, I love what you came up with there. My bookshelves were a mess by the time I’d got a few poems put together! Play with your books! 😉

  4. Lizzie Koch

    I have a stack waiting to read. Will see what comes from that. A fab idea I’ll be taking to school with me for those who say, ‘I can’t do poetry,’ when this opens up so much creativity and discussion. Xxx

  5. Julia Lund

    Of I start delving into my bookshelves, the redt of today won’t happen. So, in the order they are piled beside my bed, one section reads:

    Fascination, the solitaire mystery,
    A place of hiding, book of fairytales.
    The changeover.

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