Lisa Shambrook

I got to visit the lovely otter, Ailsa Abraham… ❤

The Bingergread Cottage

I was prompted to invite my friend today by a post on her blog. This is mad because I have known her for ages and should have hauled her over here before.lisa

Here comes the carpet and with her hair blowing in the wind is Lisa Shambrook. (hug squee kiss kiss) Big hugs and squeee back! Thanks for having me over! I’m so excited to see your garden…

You look well. That outfit is so YOU! I’m really good right now, I’m in Dr Martens (you know how I love my boots!) my everyday black jeans and a flowy indigo and black top printed with silhouetted trees… how are you?

bootsI’m OK, boots as well of course! Come and sit in the garden and chat about Life the Universe and Everything. Your garden is beautiful, do you have a favourite plant here? I’m loving the velveteen irises coming up in…

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