Autumn Days Are Here…

Autumn is the time of year when we realise that change is good.
When the cool breeze refreshes and revitalises our senses.
When mortality is evident in the air as leaves fall,
and living becomes full of urgency and passion…


© Lisa Shambrook

After a very difficult summer and slipping into the grip of depression, autumn is very welcome in my life. It’s the month that recharges my worn batteries and lifts me from doldrums and anxiety.

I dig out my soft, cosy jumpers and relish a hot chocolate on a cold day. Scented candles offer autumn fragrance and leaves fall in red, gold, orange and brown ready for me to kick through! I pull out my favourite hat and scarf, both stolen from my daughter, and delight in the bliss of my beloved leather jacket. Apples, fresh from the tree, and rich purple plums, and pumpkins ready to be carved fill my Halloween, and nothing beats homemade soups and bread to fill the autumn belly.

Tell me – what are you looking forward to most this autumn?

13 thoughts on “Autumn Days Are Here…

  1. davidprosser

    The promised Indian Summer would be nice. Maybe crisp mornings building up to afternoons of sunshine and warmth.When that’s gone I’ll enjoy the crispness of the Autumn days though I’ll dread the heavy downpours that make the days a bit dismal.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. SBennett

    Its been so autumn like most mornings, even though beastly in the afternoons, that i feel like i have reverse-spring fever. I dont want to work. i want to dally in the forest and on the beach and read and just lay there soaking it in. My favorite time of year-definitely. ❤

  3. Naomi

    I love Autumn too – I know it’s here when the sun is still low enough to come slanting blindingly through the trees on the road home from the morning school run. Your collage invokes autumn perfectly – time to get out the scented candles I think. 🙂

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