Colours to Inspire – Jewel Tones – What’s Your Favourite?

Scrolling my Instagram feed I noticed my favourite colour is very prominent…
I adore jewel and neutral earthy colours – I’m a nature girl!

Colours to Inspire - What's Your Favourite - The Last Krystallos...

So, I thought I’d share my favourite jewel tones with you –
as found on Instagram green, purple, blue and red.


Moss Green © Lisa Shambrook

Green has been my favourite colour since I was a little girl,
and has literally grown with me.
Green is nature, tranquillity, spiritual, and harmony…


Mythical Purple – © Lisa Shambrook

Purple had a stint as my favourite colour when I was in my teens,
but had to give way to green again.
Purple is royal, jewel, elegant, and magic…


Burgundy Red – © Lisa Shambrook

Red, dark red, has become a late favourite, and I’ve grown into it.
Red is passion, sensual, love, and depth…


Teal Blue – © Lisa Shambrook

Blue, teal blue, is a colour that suits me, it works with my brunette hair.
Blue is calm, serene, oceans, and life…

What’s your favourite colour and what does it mean to you?

11 thoughts on “Colours to Inspire – Jewel Tones – What’s Your Favourite?

  1. Julia Lund

    I don’t have favourite colours, though if you look in my wardrobe it would appear grey and black may be in with a chance. However, the colours I wear and the colours I enjoy seeing in nature are two different things. (My daughter is on a mission to introduce more colour to my clothes!)

  2. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Funny, when people ask me my favorite color, I immediately say, Teal. To me, it’s that combination of green and blue that makes me smile. However I love the warmth of the red family. Not necessarily to wear but to color with,

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