Colours to Inspire – Jewel Tones – What’s Your Favourite?

Scrolling my Instagram feed I noticed my favourite colour is very prominent…
I adore jewel and neutral earthy colours – I’m a nature girl!

Colours to Inspire - What's Your Favourite - The Last Krystallos...

So, I thought I’d share my favourite jewel tones with you –
as found on Instagram green, purple, blue and red.


Moss Green © Lisa Shambrook

Green has been my favourite colour since I was a little girl,
and has literally grown with me.
Green is nature, tranquillity, spiritual, and harmony…


Mythical Purple – © Lisa Shambrook

Purple had a stint as my favourite colour when I was in my teens,
but had to give way to green again.
Purple is royal, jewel, elegant, and magic…


Burgundy Red – © Lisa Shambrook

Red, dark red, has become a late favourite, and I’ve grown into it.
Red is passion, sensual, love, and depth…


Teal Blue – © Lisa Shambrook

Blue, teal blue, is a colour that suits me, it works with my brunette hair.
Blue is calm, serene, oceans, and life…

What’s your favourite colour and what does it mean to you?

9 thoughts on “Colours to Inspire – Jewel Tones – What’s Your Favourite?

  1. Julia Lund

    I don’t have favourite colours, though if you look in my wardrobe it would appear grey and black may be in with a chance. However, the colours I wear and the colours I enjoy seeing in nature are two different things. (My daughter is on a mission to introduce more colour to my clothes!)

  2. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Funny, when people ask me my favorite color, I immediately say, Teal. To me, it’s that combination of green and blue that makes me smile. However I love the warmth of the red family. Not necessarily to wear but to color with,

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