The Tears of Nature – Rain and Flowers

Spring flowers laced with crystal tears…
the warmth of Summer nurturing her flora…

The Tears of Nature – Rain and Flowers - The Last Krystallos

A lovely friend posted a couple of photos on Facebook this week
of her garden flowers in the rain, and as we’ve had a fair bit of rain this May
it made me think of my own flowers decorated with diamonds…


Aquilegia, Rose – Rhapsody in Blue, Geranium © Lisa Shambrook

It rains a lot in Wales, but that’s not a bad thing.
Taking photos of flowers in the rain offers a beautiful clarity and charm.


Aquilegia, Arum Lily, Belle Etoile – Philadelphus, Aquilegia © Lisa Shambrook

Water is the essence of life, watching thirsty plants flourish shows how vital it is to all of us.


Paeony, Geranium, Oriental Poppy, Tulip © Lisa Shambrook

Dewdrops, crystal, diamond rain, reflection, life, clarity,
nature’s mantle to beautify our lives…


Ladies Mantle, Rudbekia, Daffodil, Aquilegia © Lisa Shambrook

 What flowers have you enjoyed seeing laced with nature’s tears?

The Tears of Nature – Rain and Flowers - The Last Krystallos

© Lisa Shambrook

6 thoughts on “The Tears of Nature – Rain and Flowers

  1. davidprosser

    Beautiful pictures Lisa. Here’s me thinking we’ve done well this month, not too much rain and quite a lot of warm days plus some sunny but not so warm days that still make you feel good. Perhaps we’ve been luckier in North Wales than where you are. The sun is already shining this morning though I don’t know what the forecast is yet.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx.

  2. ailsaabrahamwp

    Gorgeous pictures. I think my roses look like they are enjoying a decent shower when covered in raindrops and when the blackthorn is flowering I always think it is wearing a bridal veil in honour of Beltane – the rain and dew are the jewels.


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