Where In The World Would You Live? The Scottish Highlands

If you could live anywhere in the world –
with money no object – where would you live?

Since I was young, my answer was always Canada, but that just changed! We spent a week in the Scottish Highlands, and for the first time on holiday we didn’t want to come home. I grew up in Sussex, with the rolling Downs behind us and the seaside in front, and it was beautiful. Then we moved to West Wales and I fell in love with the ocean, woodlands, and craggy hills and mountains, and it’s gorgeous. But Scotland with its lochs and mountains is just another world altogether.

It took less than a week to become irrevocably captivated and enchanted by this mysterious land. Scotland, and its Highlands, is a place where the world stops, where you can be enveloped in nature, swathed by mist and then glorious sunshine, where green is the most verdant you’ve ever seen, and mountains rise from purple heather laden fells. A place where the ocean dances in the jewel tones of amazonite, adventurine, turquoise, apatite, and then sodalite. A place where magic reigns.

Grey Mares Tail Waterfall - Ocean Cave near Wick - Wick Ocean - Loch and Forest near Altnaharra © Lisa Shambrook

Grey Mare’s Tail Waterfall – Ocean Cave near Wick – Wick Ocean – Loch and Forest near Altnaharra © Lisa Shambrook

If you could live anywhere at all – where would it be and why?

Next week, I’ll treat you to the sights we saw in the beautiful Scottish Highlands…

9 thoughts on “Where In The World Would You Live? The Scottish Highlands

  1. Miranda Kate 💜 (@PurpleQueenNL)

    The highlands are indeed stunning. But Australia is still it for me. The outback in particular, I fell in love with it when I visited a placed called Quorn in South Australia. I felt like I had come home. Although long term I wonder about dealing with heat and bugs, LOL, but I’d happily give it a try and it’s still my dream to own a property in Australia.

  2. amreade

    I wholeheartedly agree that it would be the Scottish Highlands. That region of Scotland is among the most beautiful places in the world; but beyond that, there’s just something in the air that makes it magical.

    Lovely photos and a post that makes my heart smile.

  3. frederick anderson

    I have to concede, Scotland is a beautiful place, although it makes stringent demands on health – it allegedly killed off George Orwell, for example. You’ve lived in Wales, though, so you’ll be accustomed to the cold and damp! Where in the world would I like to live? If a city, Amsterdam – if dwelling upon a more open aspect, my childhood Somerset, perhaps, somewhere beneath the Quantock HIlls. Oh, or where I now live, in the gentle north-east. I don’t believe I would stray far from Britain.


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