Crystal Grids to be made into prints – Tell me your Favourite

I have been enchanted by crystals for many years.
I’ve been studying and learning about them, writing and painting them,
and for the last year I’ve been making crystal grids.

I make crystal grids for several reasons: to manifest intentions, to make art, and to practise meditation and mindfulness. I’ve had some lovely responses and comments when I’ve posted them online, and also been asked if they are available to purchase. I’m really happy to announce that I’m planning to get prints made so they can be available in my Etsy shop Amaranth Alchemy.

1. Positivity Healing 2. Lion’s Gate Portal 3. Samhain Halloween Fire and Light 4. Mabon Autumn Eqinox © Lisa Shambrook

I want to choose the ones that you love the most! I hope you will relate to their meanings so they will mean something to you too. Each print will be on premium paper, hand signed, and on the reverse will be the original meaning and an explanation of each stone used and why.

5. Summer Solstice Tree 6. Intuition Passion, Healing 7. Healing Protection 8. Imbolc Winter Healing © Lisa Shambrook

To help me know which crystal grids to stock, please comment below with the numbers of your Five Favourite grids. Feel free to either just leave their numbers, or to add any explanation as to why you love them.

9. Buck Moon Peace and Purity 10. New Moon Anxiety 11. New Moon Cold Midwinter 12. Wolf Moon Snowflake © Lisa Shambrook

WIN A FREE PRINT – If you comment here on my blog or on the original Facebook, or Instagram, post I will make a note of your name and include you in a draw when the prints become available and one person will win a free print of their choice of the available range.

13. Black Moon Time for New Intentions 14. Harvest Moon Emotional Rescue and Peace 15. Corn Moon Freedom 16. New Beginnings © Lisa Shambrook

If you win I will contact you via your FB, Insta, or Blog profile. This draw will remain open for comment until the 10th of March 2021, when I will be then preparing my range of prints. Prints should be available before Summer at Amaranth Alchemy on Etsy, price still to be decided.

17. Full Moon Light and Joy 18. Christmas Peace and Love 19. Valentine Love 20. Moonstone Peace © Lisa Shambrook

I can’t wait to see which grids are your favourites!

Please choose Five.

13 thoughts on “Crystal Grids to be made into prints – Tell me your Favourite

  1. Miranda Kate 💜 (@PurpleQueenNL)

    Well No.13 is a no-brainer for me, but after that SUCH a hard choice – and how many choices do we get?

    11 & 12 and I also love 19.

    Alternatively make some available for a while (3-6 months) see if you get orders, and those that don’t get any, change up for others. Or do a rotation – depending how easy/difficult it is to offer them.

    M xx

    1. Lisa Shambrook Post author

      You get five choices, but these are great! Bekah’s going to launch her art website for sales in March and her prints are great, so I decided to go for it too! I think I’ll go for the most popular choices first, with a couple of my favourites if they’re not included, and add more as and when. I’m definitely going to be making more ❤

  2. Sophie Moss

    I’m so excited you’re making prints of these! If you ever consider making a set of greeting cards featuring ALL the grids, I would buy them in a heartbeat. I would love to send them to my friends. My favorite — and it was really hard to choose only 5! — are 6, 8, 11, 13, and 19. Honestly, I love them all. They’re so unique and beautiful and I hope I can see a physical print of one soon!

    1. Lisa Morgan

      4, 8, 10, 14 and 18, but that’s a really hard choice! You are so intuitive, they all have something to say!

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